Guy Debord, “Separation Perfected” from Society of the Spectacle

R.W. Fassbinder, “Imitation of Life: On the Films of Douglas Sirk from Anarchy of the Imagination

Gibbs, “Case Study: Imitation of Life from Mise-en-Scene: Film Style and Interpretation

Todd Haynes, Intro” & “Director’s Statement from Three Screenplays

Todd Haynes/Douglas Lim,  Heaven Sent” (Interview with Douglas Lim)

Todd Haynes/Amy Kroin,  Movies are Nothing Until We Bring Emotional Life to Them

Todd Haynes/Julia Leyda, “Something That is Dangerous and Arousing and Transgressive”

Todd Haynes/Julia Leyda, “Something That Is Dangerous and Arousing and Transgressive” (Adobe PDF version)

Ben Hervey, Night of the Living Dead (selections)

Thomas Elsaesser, “Tales of Sound and Fury”

Mercer and Shingler, “Genre” from Melodrama: Genre, Style, Sensibility 

Mercer and Shingler, “Style” from Melodrama: Genre, Style, Sensibility

Steve Shaviro, “Splice”

Steve Shaviro, “What is the Post-Cinematic?”

Jane Stern/Michael Stern, “Two Weeks In Another Town: An Interview with Douglas Sirk”

Evan Calder Williams, “Plague in the Gears” 72-81, and section on “Return of the Living Dead” 118-133 from Combined and Uneven Apocalypse



How to Write a Critical Response Paper

Study Questions on Night of the Living Dead

All That Heaven Allows Handout

Handout on mise-en-scène

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